The Kidnapping Business – Take Me (2017)

People are very strange these days.  So this is about a man (Pat Healy) who kidnaps people for a living.  Don’t worry, it’s all consensual.  His business is all about people who want to be abducted for the experience, whether it be for the rush or a kink, who’s to judge.  When a businesswoman (Taylor Shilling) approaches him with a lucrative offer, is it too good to be true?  This may sound odd, but this is a movie that I watched for the runtime.  I’m always looking to watch movies in the current year that I am in, this was available for Netflix streaming, and 83 minutes was the right amount of time for a normal morning for me that was business as usual.  I’m glad that I did, because I liked this more than I didn’t.

1No, I’m not caught up on Orange is the New Black, so don’t ask.

Now I didn’t realize that this was produced by the Duplass brothers until the opening credits started rolling, but it makes sense.  The projects that they support and get behind don’t typically demand to be seen on the big screen, but they’re still well made.  Their movies make for a good home viewing, so straight to Netflix is the perfect avenue for all parties involved.  Pat Healy stars and directs, and he is a man who I look upon with affection due to his work on Cheap Thrills.  He turns in a good performance here as well.  This may come off as a backhanded compliment, but he just knows how to sell getting beat up, and when he is in pain and unhappy, that is when this movie is at its best.  He just knows how to act on a personal and relatable level that it makes him easy to connect with, even though you would never want to see yourself in the protagonist’s shoes.

2Not to quote Sia, but I love Cheap Thrills.

I don’t think I have ever seen a comedy that is this focused on kidnapping before (I haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard Snatched is awful), and I will admit, I was hooked by the concept and premise.  There are just so many ways that this could go wrong from the beginning, and that is really where this grabs you, no pun intended.  It is pretty easy to tell from the start that there is information that is being withheld from you, and while I was able to predict a plot twist, it revealed itself at around the shift from first to second act, so I was able to stay engaged.  This was more enjoyable than not, and I think it makes for a good watch if you have 80 minutes to kill and Netflix streaming services.

Take Me (2017) ***1/2

– Critic for Hire


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