Assembled – The Avengers (2012)

That Marvel magic in full effect.  So the Earth has got some trouble heading its way.  Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has recruited a race of aliens, and plans on seizing control of the planet.  It is time to team up all of the mightiest superheroes to save the world.  The Avengers is unique in that something of this magnitude had never been attempted before.  Sure, you have Harry Potter, but that was based on books, so there was a legitimate reason to have so many movies.  Unless it’s a horror franchise, you seldom saw a series become more than a trilogy.  The Avengers was a game changer when it came out as being the ultimate crossover movie, and now you see everybody trying to steal Marvel’s secret sauce.

1I wish less people would attempt this, because very few have the competence that Marvel has.

Now while I could go on and on about the intelligence behind all of the foundation laying that Marvel did, I don’t think that would be an efficient use of this review.  This movie all comes together in extravaganza fashion, and it ends up being as crowd pleasing as they come.  A lot of the credit does have to go towards Joss Whedon.  He knows how to juggle multiple character lines from previous experience, and everything about this project shines with a polish.  These are all larger than life characters that still have the ability to demand a personal contained movie, but when you get them all together here, it still works.  It doesn’t feel too crowded because everybody has a purpose to serve, and everybody is given something to do that is integral to the overarching story.

2It’s also a really fun time to see all of these giant egos clash with each other.

While it is a worldwide cataclysmic event, this is a script that never forgets that you are here to have a good time, and the jokes almost always hit.  Loki is still the best villain this series has seen, and honestly, Ruffalo is a better Bruce Banner than Edward Norton, so much so that I am excited when we finally get a new Hulk movie, even if we have to wait to Phase 4 or 5 to get it.  The film itself is very well edited and put together, and scenes just flow together with fluency.  The complaints I have about this are all small and nitpicks, like Captain America’s updated costume looking a bit Halloween-ish or the alien droves that are kind of impersonal.  This is still at the very top tier of the Marvel universe, and it remains a great time to this day.

The Avengers (2012) ****1/2

– Critic for Hire


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