They’re Monsters in Trucks – Monster Trucks (2016)

To be fair, it is exactly what it is advertised to be.  So Tripp (Lucas Till) is a high schooler (lol) who rides a bike, but does work down at the local junkyard in North Dakota with aspirations of owning a working truck.  He lives in a town that is essentially owned by an oil company, and everybody know that oil = evil.  When the oil company is trying to get at a huge pocket of untapped petroleum, they wind up unearthing a species of creatures that the Earth has never seen before on the surface.  They live off of oil, but they can also successfully hide themselves within the framework of trucks…  It must have been hard to read all that, I know.  I’m fairly certain that people lost their jobs at Paramount over this, because it only yielded about half of its budget back… and that’s not domestically, that’s worldwide.  It’s a movie that’s got a reputation… but I can’t say that I ended up hating it.

2If you watch a trailer for this, it’s exactly what it presents itself to be.

If there is a face in here that you recognize, I’m pretty certain it was because they owed the studio a favor.  Danny Glover and Rob Lowe show up for minimal roles, but nobody’s part is shorter than Amy Ryan’s, who I’m pretty certain got all of her filming done in about twenty minutes.  The entire story lies squarely on the shoulders of these young imitations of bigger actors.  Lucas Till is the broke man’s Chris Hemsworth, and Jane Levy is who you get when Reese Weatherspoon has a scheduling conflict.  They’re both damn near thirty and playing high schoolers, which is hilarious, but that is exactly the kind of movie this is.  Really, it’s nothing complicated, it’s just a very simple boy and his dog story told with a ton of CGI effects, but honestly I had a reasonably good time with it, despite a very clunky script.

MONSTER TRUCKSI love how everybody wants to be/get with the guy who rides a bike everywhere.

When you look at the premise alone to this, you can probably guess that this is about as deep as an Air Bud movie, and you wouldn’t be wrong.  It is predictable, and all of the characters in this are overly cartoony.  But that said, it is more fun than it should be, and there was actually a smile on my face more often than not, although I do recognize the fact that my dog had a blast watching this did nothing but enhance my experience.  It’s predictable, and this isn’t the movie that does the police force of North Dakota justice, but it is a movie that is oblivious to its own joke that it is wearing on the back of its shirt, and I don’t think you would have a terrible time watching it.

Monster Trucks (2016) ***

– Critic for Hire


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