The Bourne Mediocrity – Jason Bourne (2016)

Unintelligible.  Because nobody cared when Hawkeye was in a Bourne movie, Jason (Matt Damon) is back.  He’s still got the CIA on his tail, and he still has secrets from his past to uncover.  You may think that I may be a bit vague giving the plot synopsis to this, and you would be right, I am doing exactly that.  But I challenge you to watch this at your fullest attention and give a more detailed summary of what this about.  I could not for the life of me determine the plot to this as I was watching this, which is the absolute last thing you want from your action thriller.

1They managed to make this underwritten and convoluted at the same time, which must have actually been tricky to pull off.

Now I can’t say that I have ever been a giant fan of these movies; I love the Paul Greengrass movies that don’t star Matt Damon (United 93, Captain Phillips), but for these Bourne sequels, I don’t like the craft to it.  They are largely just straight action movies, and they are shot too tightly to be able to appreciate what exactly is being filmed.  In fact, this movie actually makes the previous movies seem worse; they are just doing the same thing that its predecessors have done, only with much more fumbling.  The scripts to these movies have never been all that strong in my opinion, and here is the low point.  If it is not a segment of people briskly walking, it’s a scene in a large, open room with lots of computers, a giant monitor, and a lot of furrowed brows on agents that are just flabbergasted that Jason Bourne is still a threat.  The score is decent I suppose, but just because you put exciting music in doesn’t make your boring movie suddenly interesting.

2I really hope you didn’t pay the price of admission for this fight scene they pumped up in the trailer, because it lasts for about two seconds.

I am honestly struggling to come up with something nice to say about this.  The pun “Jason Bored” has already been made a ton of times, but it is wholly applicable.  The only remaining thing I have to say about this is a bit of advice: if you want to reboot this, just go ahead and reboot it, but don’t continue with subpar sequels that clearly don’t have anything new to bring to the table.  You’re just wasting everyone’s time and your money, because the public’s interest is sure to disappear if you keep making movies like this one here.

Jason Bourne (2016) *1/2

– Critic for Hire


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