Not Sure Who Was Asking for This – Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

It’s a swing and a miss.  So just like in real life, 20 years have passed since aliens established first contact and made it known their intentions were that of war.  All this time they’ve been getting stronger, and now, they’re back to claim this planet for good… I think for our magma?  It was never made abundantly clear.  Now I like ID4 as much as the next guy; it’s fine entertainment, and it still mostly holds up, even from a special effects standpoint, which is unexpected, given the fact that the effects are typically the first thing to become dated.  This sequel right here is weak and 100% unnecessary, so much so that I am struggling to think of positives to say about this.

2Goldblum is easily the best thing about this, but nobody walks away from this unscathed.

One of the most remarkable things about this is that they got almost the entire original cast back for this movie.  I’m even talking about bit parts, too, like Jeff Goldblum’s father character, or the quirky long-haired scientist that you thought died in the first movie.  The only gaping hole to be found is that of Will Smith, and they make it very clear early on that he is dead, so if they do decide to continue this series, it’s going to be without one of the biggest charisma draws.  Resurgence is both silly and severely underwritten.  The overarching story is there, sure, but there are about twenty subplots that they cram into here for no good reason.  In fact, it gets to the point where it just gets goofy with it, and when it is meant to be a serious scene because somebody is dying, you end up laughing because of a clichéd “noooooo!” from a lead.  It is ineptly edited together, and given the extensive experience that Roland Emmerich has doing end of the world movies, I can’t help but feel disappointed.

1Everybody who is a new character has no personality.

Nobody was asking for this movie, even the most die-hard of fans.  It fails all over the place, and it is embarrassing at every turn.  There are big budget special effects, sure, but they don’t mean anything because they don’t take the time to set the parameters of capabilities.  For example, in the original, do you remember how cool it was when the aliens destroyed major American landmarks?  A similar scene of destruction is prominently featured at about the hour mark, but there is no build up or anticipation, so it just comes off as sloppy more than anything.  This is a wildly unfocused blockbuster misstep, and yeah, it kind of sucks.

Independence Day: Resurgence *1/2

– Critic for Hire


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