Edge of Tomorrow’s Source Code – ARQ (2016)

Decent for what it is.  So this is about a couple in the post-apocalyptic future (Robbie Amell, Rachael Taylor) that are stuck in a time loop.  The loop always begins with the pair of them being attacked by masked and armed robbers that are after their… future currency, or something along those lines.  The man becomes aware of the loop, and needs to gather as much information as possible to decide where to go from there.  Now this one grabbed me because quite frankly the description is right up my alley.  I love these science fiction movies that play with time travel, such as Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow, Looper, About Time, and even the classics comedies like Back to the Future and Groundhog Day, for the matter.  Even though this is low budget flick to be sure, I still liked a lot of what this has to offer, especially in the beginning.

featuredYou don’t need to explain the technicalities behind the time travel itself, just the fact that it is there is enough.

There’s not a big budget behind this, and almost the entirety of this movie takes place in this one building.  There are no big names, and Robbie Amell ends up coming across as a poor man’s Tom Cruise or Matthew Fox, it depends on the angle that you’re looking at him.  There are limitations surrounding it, and they still came up with a fairly engrossing story.  There’s just something compelling about waking up again and again with it just being slightly different because your main character has a touch more information this time around.  You start looking out for differences, checking out the background and noticing side characters and their motivations, which is angle I liked to see worked in any story involving time travel.  It’s almost like a save point for a video game; you know what not to do after you get blasted into oblivion, so of course you are going to do things differently.

2You can get your movie by solely on vision and willpower, I promise you.

Now I will say I liked the beginning of this more than the conclusion.  When this is wrapping up the story that is happening outside of this building, it is just okay and standard; there’s nothing really bad about it, it just is less impressive and engaging than how the movie started.  At the beginning it plays out almost like this sci-fi stage play where it is the apocalyptic future and this time loop just happens to exist.  I like what ARQ does, but I do have to admit that it is mostly geared to us time travel nerds who are already well aware of who we are.

ARQ (2016) ***

– Critic for Hire


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