Shock Value – Sausage Party (2016)

It’s something else.  So this is a world where all food and items in a grocery store have been anthropomorphized and live happily amongst each other within the aisles.  They can’t communicate with humans, and they think that being chosen to leave the store is the equivalent to going to heaven.  When stories begin to circulate that it all might be a sham, one sausage (Seth Rogen) sets out to find the meaning of his existence.  Say what you will about Sausage Party, but this is movie that has already built itself a reputation.  People have been talking, and while varying opinions have been weighed, any press is ultimately good press.  Love it or hate it, they have put together a movie that leaves an impression, and one that will be hard to recreate, because it really feels like they got away with things that they probably shouldn’t have.

1Oh, there are stereotypes galore.

This is a movie that aims to offend.  While I have thicker skin than most and was able accept or even laugh at a number of edgy jokes here, there were items that rubbed me the wrong way; I think that if this doesn’t have that effect on you at least a little bit, it probably speaks on your decency as a human being.  This is all about pushing the envelope, and it is all about going over the top with sex and violence.  Not all the sex stuff worked for me, and there are parts to this that are downright disgusting, but I did get a dark kick out of almost all of the violence, namely because this is about food we are talking about.  For example, there is a scene fairly early on where it momentarily turns into a disturbing war film a la Platoon or Saving Private Ryan, and its one of many clever bits.  I went into this with an open mind, but the one thing that I really wasn’t expecting was for this to have some biting commentary on religion.  It is way smarter than I was expecting for a movie where the main antagonist is literally a douche.

2And yes, I am sure that I don’t mean figuratively.

I like this, but I’m not about to sell it with a glowing recommendation.  There’s jokes that don’t work, and there’s something the feels weird about a movie with this many racial stereotypes.  I don’t know if I ever need to watch it again, although I am glad that I did at least take the time to watch this once.  The last 15 minutes to this is no holds barred surrealistic insanity, and while you may see somebody try to replicate this again, I don’t think it will be in a product as commercial as this one.  If you’ve read all these words and still want to give it a spin, enter at your own risk and don’t come back saying that I didn’t warn you.

Sausage Party (2016) ***1/2

– Critic for Hire


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