The Annual Vacation Write-Off – The Do-Over (2016)

I don’t know what else I was expecting.  So this is about a loser (David Spade) who is feeling down on himself after a high school reunion.  He does happen to run into an old buddy (Adam Sandler), however, who ends up reaching out to him after the event.  This is an Adam Sandler movie, which means everybody is going on a tropical vacation, so it isn’t long before Sandler decides to fake their own deaths and relocate to Puerto Rico, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew when the identities that they assume start to catch up with them.  I do watch everything, but Sandler is the man who pushes me to my limit, making me question why I do this.  I don’t care for 95% of the man’s films (although Punch-Drunk Love is sublime), so you can imagine my surprise when I found the first 30 minutes of this to be tolerable and not as abrasively offensive as something like The Ridiculous 6.  I was ready to pay compliments, like how it is just more competently handled… and then I threw all the niceties out the window when it got to a threesome scene with Luis Guzmán.

2It’s just gross, and there is no other way to put it.

I do think it’s a good thing that Sandler has made this deal with Netflix; after the domestic financial failure that is Pixels, it makes sense for him to reach out to the home market directly.  If anybody had watched The Ridiculous 6 in theaters, they would be furious because it really is that lazy.  At least he has recognized and realized exactly where he is at in his career, which is essentially the actor that he parodied in Funny People.  I thought this was going to be another movie where he basks in nostalgia again, based on this opening in a reunion where everybody is straight out of the 80’s, but it’s not really that.  It is far fetched, but more restrained, which I did appreciate, almost to the point where I could recommend it to Adam Sandler fans… but like I said: when it reaches the aforementioned scene, my rating plummeted through the floor.

1Oh, and he’s lazily written to be a badass for some reason, which makes no sense in context of the story.

There are about 4 scenes in this that push the envelope and are wildly unnecessary, but I suppose that is what Sandler thinks his fans want to see.  It would have been so easy to leave these scenes on the cutting room floor, and had they been edited them out, the movie would have been 90 minutes long and watchable.  As it stands, it is just like almost every other Adam Sandler movie out there: dismissively insulting like the characters Sandler plays and largely homophobic.

The Do-Over (2016) *

– Critic for Hire


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