Band-Aids and Bullet Holes – Batman: Bad Blood (2016)

On par with the rest of the DC Animated Universe.  So Bruce Wayne (Jason O’Mara) has gone missing.  It’s up to all of his known associates to hold down the fort in his absence and keep the criminal underworld at bay, but a new player is about to make her presence known: Batwoman (Yvonne Strahovski).  I’ve always liked all these DC Animated Universe movies, but I rarely love them.  The best one out there is probably the two part Dark Knight Returns, but even then, it reached a point for me where I wondered why I was watching it and not just picking up the Frank Miller graphic novel, as it really does follow that closely to the source material (although I am excited to see what they do with an R-rated Killing Joke).  What I most appreciated about Bad Blood is that it features side characters that I’ve never seen before, so it managed to keep it interesting for somebody who is relatively well versed in the lore.

1There’s even a comment pretty early on about there being a lot of C-listers… and they’re not wrong.

As somebody who adores the original Batman animated series as well as the Arkham video games, it can’t go without saying how bizarre it is to hear anybody else other than Kevin Conroy as the Dark Knight in animated form.  Both he and Mark Hamill have managed to be the definitive voices for Batman and the Joker respectively, at least in animated form, and whenever you see a cartoon with a different voice, it can be classified as hearsay.  All the voice work is perfectly fine here, despite the Jason O’Mara curve-ball, and at 72 minutes, it makes for a very quick watch.

2And this is the first time I have ever seen Batwoman in any capacity, whatsoever.

These animated DC movies have always been up to snuff, and here is no different.  They know what they are doing in the storytelling department, and it really is the cinematic equivalent to reading a comic book; you get bits and pieces of the overall story, but it’s very abbreviated and scattershot.  All the fighting is well done, and it feels like there are actually consequences here, as characters do die.  If you are hungry for a good Batman story and Zack Snyder trying to jump start the Justice League in big budget fashion isn’t cutting it for you, than you need not look further than the DC Animated Universe.

Batman: Bad Blood (2016) ***1/2

– Critic for Hire


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