Destroying Great Britain – London Has Fallen (2016)

It’s a dumb action movie.  So through crazy random happenstance, the president of the United States (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself smack dab in the middle of yet another terrorist attack.  This time, he’s not the only one at risk, and a number of world leaders are in peril while attending the Prime Minister’s funeral in London.  It is once again up to Special Agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) to quickly coordinate a defense and save the day.  This is a series that apes Die Hard to a fault.  Remember the drop off in quality between Die Hard 1 and Die Hard 2 because all they did was remake the first one?  It’s like that here as well, only Olympus Has Fallen is somewhere between 2 – 3 full notches lower in quality than the original Die Hard.

Film Review London Has FallenIt wasn’t even the best “Die Hard in the White House” movie released that year.

I was actually pretty surprised when I heard that they were going to go through with this.  The first one was okay, but that just goes to show that once you have a glimmer of financial success, you automatically get green lit for an entire franchise, even if all you did was double your budget worldwide.  This is a case of sequelitis if I’ve ever seen one.  It’s not like they had any new ideas here, it’s the same exact story.  It’s not like they got capable script writers, and this features some truly awful one-liners, easily the worst I’ve this year thus far.  And the very worst part about this is how little sense it makes from a logic standpoint.  This giant coup these terrorists have planned is far-fetched to say the least, and it would require so much planning, timing, and just plain luck to pull something of this magnitude off, it ends up being a giant pill to swallow, and this movie never at any point allows you to buy into it.

2The downfall of this is that they ended up making the scale too big for their story, which is something I never expected to say about an action movie.

Let me tell you what this movie is: this is live action Team America, without any intelligent jokes.  It is mindless as you can imagine, and it’s hard to find something to like.  There was one decently filmed street action shot towards the end of the film, but I am grasping at straws here for something nice to say.  This is something you half pay attention to when you forget to turn off a movie channel on cable, and it is mostly a waste of time.

London Has Fallen (2016) *1/2

– Critic for Hire


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