Take Your Parents to See… – The Intern (2015)

As safe as they come.  So this is about a widower (Robert De Niro).  Looking to fill the void in his life, he applies and gets into an internship program for an upstart online fashion company run by a young entrepreneur (Anne Hathaway).  Will there relationship start off rocky, but steadily improve?  Will they learn a life lesson or two from each other along the way?  It has been a while since I saw a Robert De Niro movie that I legitimately liked.  Looking at his film library, this goes all the way back to Silver Linings Playbook, a film that he is not even a lead in.  But hey, everybody approaches their twilight years differently, especially when it comes to a career in acting, and with The Intern, I can at the very least say he has a role that he is having a lot of fun with.

2You already know everything that is happening in this scene, just by the screenshot.

While I did actually like this, make no mistake: there are very few surprises to be had, and I knew exactly where this was going from the opening 10 minutes.  The Intern is a very typical fish out of water story, and it is totally something that you can and probably should take your parents to.  There’s not a lot of conflict, all the characters learn a life lesson, and everybody walks away feeling reasonably good about themselves.  You know that Robert De Niro is going to have trouble operating e-mails on his computer, and you know that what Hathaway has in success, she’s lacking in experience.  You’ve seen this movie before, and I promise you that you posses the ability to map this out with very little difficulty.

1It’s youth vs. experience.

The Intern is light, and surprisingly, it’s not all that different from 2013’s The Internship.  I don’t think this needed to be a full 2 hours long; it could have 20 minutes shaved off easy, and it would have been a better movie for it.  De Niro sells it, and he and Hathaway look like they had a great time together, because I am sure that they did.  It’s very standard odd couple story, and I was able to have fun with it, mostly because of how the actors played it.  I don’t think it is as good as Nancy Meyer’s It’s Complicated, but it’s a movie that I found to be difficult to hate.

The Intern ***1/2

– Critic for Hire


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