Science Fiction Hotel – The Lobster (2015)

Looking for love.  So in the dystopian future, all single people have to check into a hotel.  If they can’t find a partner within a 45-day period, they get turned into an animal of their choosing and are let loose in the forest.  This is about a widower (Colin Farrell) trying to find a new soul mate in this very shortened period.  The setup to this sounds intriguing; just from the plot description, it spiked my interest in a way that made me actively seek it out.  While dystopian futures may be all too excessive with a variety of different films that are over-marketed (Maze Runner, Divergent, etc.), when you can pull back and show it on a much smaller scale, that’s far more interesting to me.  While this is by no means a perfect movie, I appreciated the different approach to the arrangement to this.

2If you’re going to make up your own rules to a universe, you might as well go all out with it.

The Lobster features a weird script.  It has this offbeat sense of humor, and almost every dialogue exchange is stilted.  I guess this was part of the point, as this is an alternate universe, so these shouldn’t completely feel like real people, and because nobody talks naturally, it’s a bit hard to connect with.  This a future where people have lost all ability to speak to anybody of the opposite sex; it’s odd, unnatural, and makes for a unique experience, but I ended up feeling far less positive about this than I had hoped.

1I suppose there is some sort of joke about high school to be made, given how terrible all of the interactions between men and women play out.

This movie has a sinister score to it, and it always leads you to believe that there is something more afoot, just around the corner.  There isn’t, really, and it sticks to the rules and laws of the universe that it creates.  I started off liking this, because as I mentioned, it’s a very unique setup, but I have to say: The Lobster starts off much stronger than it finishes, and by the time it was wrapping up, I was about ready for it to be over.  I wish I liked the entire movie better as a whole, and as it stands, I can only give it a mixed rating at best.

The Lobster (2015) ***

– Critic for Hire


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