Living in America – Brooklyn (2015)

A traditional throwback.  So this is about a young Irish lass (Saoirse Ronan) who travels from Ireland to Brooklyn.  She falls for a young man (Emory Cohen), but soon may have to decide if she should follow her heart and stay in America, or return back home, as personal matters are calling.  Even though I wouldn’t say this movie has a lot of extra pizzazz, I would say that I ended up falling for it a whole lot.  It’s a very standard story, but it is well done; who says every movie needs to reinvent the wheel, you can fit your film into a template and still put together a great film, which is exactly what they have done here with Brooklyn.

BROOKLYN, from left: Emory Cohen, Saoirse Ronan, 2015. ph: Kerry Brown/TM and ©Copyright FoxIt’s very romantic, but hey, I’m a romantic kind of guy.

I’ve liked Saoirse Ronan for quite some time now, despite my inability to pronounce her name.  She has really come into her own, and this is even after turning in good work consistently with movies like The Lovely Bones and Hannah.  I am completely certain that she has an incredibly bright future in store for her, and with Brooklyn, she gets to play the personification of Ireland in female form.  I would say the biggest part of what Brooklyn gets by on is its vast amount of charm; you see this girl fall for this guy, and this guy falls right back for her, and you buy it completely.  The chemistry is fiery, and it doesn’t feel like the story manufactures problems for them just so there are roadblocks and obstacles; you can tell that they legitimately care for one another and that they are looking out for each other’s best interest.  They are invested in the relationship, so it is very easy for you to do the same exact thing.

1Tangent: isn’t it odd the the Irish is the only race that everybody has carte blanche to take pot shots at for making racial humor without it being considered to be offensive?

This is highly romantic, and if that’s how you like your movies, than this is for you.  It was something I could get behind, and I found it to be extremely accessible.  It’s safe for pretty much everybody, and it would work as a date movie as well as something that you could take your parents to without running the risk of offending them.  I was moved by Brooklyn’s charm, and its earnest ways won me over.  It’s quaint, adorable, and while not everybody may love it, I think most will find it very difficult to hate.

Brooklyn (2015) ****

– Critic for Hire

Want to see where this fell in my list of best films of the 2015?  See for yourself here.


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