Unrealistic Uncomfort – The Overnight (2015)

Squirms.  So this is about a couple that is new to Los Angeles (Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling).  They meet a friendly man at the park (Jason Schwartzman) who invites them back to his home later for a dinner date so their families can meet each other.  As the night goes on, the more and more gets revealed about their new acquaintances.  I watched this a while ago, but the more time has passed, the less I like about The Overnight.  I was onboard if only for the cast of Scott, Schilling and Schwartzman, but the longer it goes on, the more it felt like it was being awkward for the sake of being awkward, and it is almost as if it is designed to make you feel like it is pushing you away, like a child that is upset over not getting his/her way.

2It starts innocently enough, but the longer it goes on, the more you want to give these people their personal space.  

I really just stumbled upon this randomly on Netflix; the cast looked good, it was only a quick 80 minutes, and having the Duplass brothers name as producers was all I needed to give it a go.  It’s also labeled as a Mystery Comedy, which are two genres that sparsely crossover (there’s Clue… and I think that’s it).  I was even able to stay with it for the entire first half, but as it continued on, the further and further the train kept getting derailed.  The thing about The Overnight is that you know what’s happening well before any of your lead characters do; while there are kids in the picture, they are put to bed and out of earshot very quickly, and it is made painfully obvious that you’re looking at a swinger situation.  You realize this somewhere around the 20 minute mark or so, but the characters don’t understand what is going on until they are flat out propositioned, which doesn’t happen until much later.  This leads to people not acting like real human beings and reacting unrealistically, and when it turns into a literal dick-measuring contest, that’s when I jumped off.

1Although I will say that the prosthetics used are convincing.

The whole entire time you are waiting for common sense to kick in with your leads, and it never does.  You end up getting frustrated with them because you can’t possibly imagine someone reacting the way that they do to in this situation.  Also, I’m not one to typically gripe about language, but these people swear way more than people typically do in real life.  It leads to an exchange that rivals that one scene in Wanderlust where Paul Rudd is just pumping himself up in the mirror that never cuts away…  Bleh.  I can get behind a voyeuristic movie if it is well done, but this is not one of those times.

The Overnight (2015) **

– Critic for Hire


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