It’s About a Mop – Joy (2015)

No really, it’s about a mop.  So this is about a determined girl name Joy (Jennifer Lawrence), who fancies herself an inventor.  She thinks that she has revolutionized the cleaning world with a brand new type of mop, so when she shows  her invention to the world on the QVC channel, can she get them to want what she has created?  It took me about 30 – 40 minutes to really accept that this was about a mop.  I’m not lying to you, that is really what this movie is about.  My whole outlook on watching movies in general when I sit down to watch them is to weigh and judge each one on their own merits and ask the following question: it this a story that is worth telling?  After two hours of this story, I don’t think I have a conclusive answer for Joy.

1I don’t think the marketing behind this wanted to let you truly know this was about a mop, so they’ve highlighted this very small scene where Jennifer Lawrence fires a large gun in all of the advertisements.

David O. Russell is normally a critical darling, but he’s been losing favor with me recently.  I do unabashedly adore Silver Linings Playbook, but he was the impetus behind the colossal trainwreck that is Accidental Love, and I am of the opinion that American Hustle is grossly overrated.  With Joy, he has put together an unfocused feature that has some serious narrative problems, which is odd, because it is not a complicated story.  It’s all over the place, and it never truly connects together in any sort of satisfying way.  It’s about this dysfunctional family, and you can never tell just where it is going, and I do not mean that as a compliment; it’s a success story about a girl that overcomes obstacles in her life, but it focuses way more on the individual people in her life that are all weighing her down.

2It’s really kind of a mess when you break it down.

I don’t blame the actors for this, as everybody shows up to work.  Jennifer Lawrence is good, but I will say she has been much better in a number of different roles, and I don’t even think this would be a footnote in her biography when her career is all said and done.  I do like when she finally gets to QVC to try and sell this invention; it becomes interesting to see how everything works behind the scenes, but it only last for so long, and it comes far down the line in this convoluted story.  Bottom line is you never care about any of these characters, and yes, this is a story about a mop.

Joy (2015) **1/2

– Critic for Hire


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