Ignore Them – The Voices (2014)

Darker than usual for Reynolds.  So this is about a man who works in a bathtub factory (Ryan Reynolds).  His love life leaves a little to be desired, so when he scores a date with his co-worker that he’s been after for a while (Gemma Arterton), he gets excited.  Naturally, when she stands him up, he takes it a bit harshly…  also, his pet cat and dog talk to him and give him life advice.  I’ve always liked Ryan Reynolds as an actor; the man is affable to the point of being walking charisma, and he is talented enough that you want to see good things for him.  With The Voices, he has made an interesting movie, but another one that is destined to not connect with a wide audience, which, up until very recently, was just par for the course for his career.

2Of course, we all know at this point that Deadpool was the hit that he’s been waiting on for over a decade.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m happy for his success.

The one thing that you should know going into this is that this is a DARK comedy.  You think that Reynolds is playing this dweeb at first, but then it is slowly shown to you just what this movie is really about.  I genuinely didn’t know where this story was going, and a lot of the intrigue is in the reveal, but don’t worry: I will not be the one that gives anything away here.  I’m not even 100% sure that I liked the feelings this movie unearthed inside me, but I will say that it kept me invested throughout.  It’s all anchored by Reynolds, who fully commits in this quirky, black comedy.

1The alternate title to this could have been The Importance of Having Friends.

One thing that I did not realize until the credits rolled is that Reynolds did the voicing for all of the animals as well.  His accents are so thick, consistent and have so much range that you would never guess that he did both.  This of course means that he is acting opposite of himself for a number of occasions, and I couldn’t help but be impressed.  I love how everything the dog says is exactly what you would think a dog would say if a canine had speaking abilities, and the cat is just as evil and diabolical as you would imagine.  The Voices is sordid and twisty, and while it may be making light of this man’s mental illness, it does so in a way that is memorable.

The Voices (2014) ***1/2

– Critic for Hire


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