Disownership – Accidental Love (2015)

Off the rails.  So this is about a waitress (Jessica Biel) that accidentally takes a nail to the brain.  Being that she doesn’t have healthcare, she can’t afford to simply have it removed at a hospital.  She travels with a band of misfits to Washington D.C. to see if she can woo a young senator (Jake Gyllenhaal) into making some reformations to the system.  I’m just going to come out and say it: this is atrocious.  If Amy Schumer didn’t already have a film in production, they could have just re-titled this Trainwreck, and nobody would have questioned it.  If you don’t want to watch this (which you shouldn’t), but still want some sort of idea on the degree of quality on this, know this: the director of this movie is critical darling David O. Russell.  The name credited as being director appears in the opening credits is Stephen Greene, and that isn’t a clerical error.

1I imagine other actors would like their names removed from this as well, but it doesn’t work the same way.

An unfunny comedy is usually my go to answer to the question: “what is the worst type of movie?”  A bad horror or a bad action film can usually have some minimal redeeming qualities in that it keeps the pace moving with the genre elements, but nothing is worse when jokes are not landing over and over again.  Accidental Love is different, because not only do the jokes not land, they do so in spectacular fashion.  It’s audacious that anybody thought this was a good idea, and the jokes they attempt are tasteless.  These aren’t bad actors, I’ve seen everybody here thoroughly prove themselves previously (Nightcrawler, for example), but they are all given so little to work with, that they keep falling back on physical humor.  This isn’t the strong suit of anybody here, and the only thing it succeeds in is making you feel highly uncomfortable.  There are also characters where it makes no sense for them to be in the film for any longer than a cameo.  For example, Kurt Fuller and Tracy Morgan show up pretty early on to meet with our main character.  They drop everything that is going on in their lives to join her on her cross country road trip to D.C.  Why?  Because the script called for wacky side commentary.

2You kind of have to see it to believe it, but I can’t in my right mind tell you to watch it.

Another huge shortcoming of Accidental Love is that this could have been an effective satire with a point.  Healthcare in America is a highly flawed system, and this would have been the perfect opportunity to make some biting commentary, demanding that changes be made.  Accidental Love has to be one of the least compelling arguments for reformation ever made.  It’s offensive that they are making light of serious health issues, and I can’t imagine a single person associated with this is proud of their work.  This is a glorious and sometimes fascinating turkey that should have stayed swept under the carpet.

Accidental Love (2015) *

– Critic for Hire


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