Mocking the Police Force – Cops (1922)

Get some cops to protect our policemen.  Due to a series of misunderstandings, it isn’t long before our main man (Buster Keaton) has every police officer in town chasing after him.  This is another 20-minute short from Buster, and it’s a good one.  The stage is set quite nicely with this series of escalating altercations, and just like all of his movies, you know it’s going to end with some fireworks. The chase sequence is, as always with Buster, impressive and so much fun to watch.

giphyIt’s always entertaining to see the sheer number of people that can be given direction at the same time.

The closest thing I can compare this to is the wonderful Seven Chances, and that is entirely due to the finale; just watching all of the motion onscreen caused by hundreds upon hundreds of people is kind of awe-inspiring to behold.  There is nothing deep about this, and it is an extremely light affair.  This isn’t my very favorite Keaton short, but I’ve never had a bad time watching one of his shorts or features, and here is no different.  You’ve never seen cops this bumbling before, and the way Keaton eludes them is sure to put a smile on your face.

Cops (1922) ****

– Critic for Hire


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