Bond vs. Alice – Survivor (2015)

Pretty generic.  Not to be confused with Lone Survivor or the reality television series, this is about a security specialist (Milla Jovovich) who is trying to foil international terrorists that specialize in biological warfare.  She’s forced to go on the run when she is framed for crimes that she didn’t commit, and to further exacerbate things, one of the world’s most dangerous hitmen that goes by the handle the Watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan) is on her trail as well, so she must keep her wits about her.  This was another one of these movies that I watched completely blind, and the majority of the reason I held out hope for this is because this features Dylan McDermott in a supporting role, an actor that I have a completely normal semi-romantic crush on.


I watched this Friday of last week, and already most of the details of this have started to fade from my memory.  This is directed by James McTeigue of V for Vendetta fame, and judging from how the rest of his career has gone, I think it is all the more apparent that it was 100% the Wachowskis that made that movie so special.  Survivor starts off interesting enough to hold your attention, but as it goes on, it gets repetitive to the point of losing interest.  There’s just not that much to be said about it, as it is pedestrian and unremarkable at nearly every turn.  It is pretty easy to see why this thriller never saw the light of day, despite having some pretty decent-sized names headlining…  Of course, Brosnan hasn’t been James Bond since 2002, and people aren’t exactly flocking to see those Resident Evil movies like they used to.

resevilYou know your series has peaked if you are throwing on the subtitle “The Final Chapter”.  Coming in 2016!

The thing about this movie is that you’ve likely seen this kind of anti-terrorism movie before, and you’ve seen it done better.  There’s Traitor, there’s Unthinkable and these movies almost always wrap up the same way; yes, I am calling this subgenre predictable.  While those aforementioned movies are by no means perfect films, I would take them over this any day of the week.  If I was pressed to find something nice to say about this, I would mention that I kind of liked the score, but I have to reiterate: there’s really not all that much to comment on here, and if I were to sum up this movie in one word, it would be blasé.

Survivor (2015) **

– Critic for Hire


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