The Handshake – Unfinished Business (2015)

The struggles of Vince Vaughn continue.  So this is about a middle aged man (Vaughn) who decides to quit his business job to start his own company.  Two other men (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco) happen to be walking out at the same time and join him in his endeavor.  The company doesn’t exactly take off, and they travel to Germany for a big all-or-nothing deal, but given that this is a Vince Vaughn movie, you know things aren’t going to go smoothly for his ragtag team.  If Vince Vaughn was a stock, I would do everything in my power to avoid investing in anything associated with him.  For the past five years, he has done nothing but release movies that have ranged from underperforming to box office Kryptonite.  On top of that, the quality of the movies themselves leave a lot to be desired, and while they may seem like they came out yesterday, both Old School and Wedding Crashers are over a decade old now.  I know this might sound harsh, but he’s a shell of the comedian he used to be.

vvI know he’s trying to kickstart his career with the second season of True Detective, but he’s easily the weakest part of the show.

The problems behind Unfinished Business all stem from a giant lack of chemistry.  This is understandable, because this is a very strange cast mix.  I’ve never seen Academy Award nominee Tom Wilkinson put himself into this type of role before, and it really isn’t a good fit.  He is a classic dramatic actor, and improvised comedy with him just leads to many an awkward moment.  On the other hand, I do actually like Dave Franco as a comedic actor, but not in such a big role.  He’s really funny in something like 21 Jump Street when he’s utilized properly, but here, he overstays his welcome with the repetition of the same jokes, which leads to many more awkward moments.

unfinished-businessUnless completely random, out-of-left-field material tickles your fancy, you can do better.

Like most bad comedies, the biggest downfall of Unfinished Business is that it’s just not funny.  There’s lots of focus on arbitrary things (there’s this running joke on wheelbarrow position that really doesn’t have any payoff), body humor (there’s an entire scene about glory holes) and the entire tone of this is mostly uncomfortable.  These side characters aren’t real people, they are caricatures that could never exist in the real world.  I did like the family stuff that is going on with Vaughn’s character, but it is out of place in this zany universe.  Unfinished Business makes the Internship look like a comedic goldmine, and you can put this on your list of movies to avoid.

Unfinished Business (2015) *1/2

– Critic for Hire


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