Sizzler? – Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015)

Let’s go to camp.  So a bro (Alec Owen) gets murdered.  His twin brother wants revenge.  He has to infiltrate the ranks of a fraternity to gather intel with the intention of taking down his brother’s murderer: the serial killer known as Motherface.  This is an intentionally bad movie, and I have to review it as such.  Much like ThanksKilling, that makes it a little difficult to grade in the quality department, because while it does actually succeed in what it is trying to do, it’s still intentionally bad, which means at its core, it is still a bad movie, regardless of how many soft elbows are jabbed.

broIt’s not like The Room where it’s blindingly unintentionally brilliant, there is a lot of hard winking at the camera, as nothing here is accidental.

If you plan on taking the time on this one, it is mandatory that you watch this in the right setting.  If you watch this sober by yourself, you are probably going to have a miserable time.  If you watch this in the exact opposite fashion (under some sort of influence in a group), that’s where Dude Bro Party Massacre III has the chance to win you over.  More thought than you would think went into this movie.  For example, this is a series that starts off on its third film, i.e. there’s no Dude Bro Party Massacre I and II.  It’s an interesting approach, and they build their own mythology in the first 10 minutes, letting you know everything that you need to know in the previous “movies”.

dudePreviously, on Dude Bro Party Massacre.

One of the gimmicks behind this is that this movie was almost entirely faded into obscurity, and the copy that we are viewing this on is somebody’s battered VHS recording off of access television.  Because of this, we get tastes of some pretty hilarious fake advertisements every 15 minutes, which also divides the film up into much needed segments.  Another area where the movie succeeds is that it has a number of good one-liner to keep you going (Motherface speaks exclusively in puns), which helps keep the film’s tongue firmly planted in cheek.  You also may think a joke is just a one-off, but this movie is excellent in revisiting its recurring joke, and every detail you thought was eccentric gets brought up multiple times.  The one real negative that I felt about this though is that it runs a bit on the long side.  Having just watched Kung Fury nail it without overstaying its welcome, I couldn’t help but compare it.  I’m always for this type of affair being shorter as opposed to longer, and even at 91 minutes, I did start to tire of this.  I would have never watched this if I didn’t hang out with Greg Sestero that one time, and for what it’s worth, this is something you can have fun with if approached correctly.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015) ***

– Critic for Hire


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