Homemade Kitsch – Kung Fury (2015)

Campy glory.  So this is about an 80’s tough guy martial arts cop, Kung Fury (David Sandberg).  He goes back in time to take out the Kung Führer himself: Hitler.  Now this has been making the rounds on the geek circuit, with it being very easy to watch (free on Youtube or at www.kungfury.com).  Being that it is so ridiculous, it is getting great word of mouth, gaining that niche market interest.  Just hearing about it, it struck me as being an alternative for when you want to watch Big Trouble in Little China, but don’t have the 100 minutes to spare, only a short half hour on your lunch break.  The story line on this gets way crazier than Big Trouble, and is just flat out more deranged than the 80’s in general.  This includes Bill & Ted, I’m not ever exaggerating.

Kung-Fury-ThorNo, seriously.

Intentional camp is something that is so rare to see work, and you frequently see veteran filmmakers fall flat on their face attempting to do so.  I kind of want to sit Robert Rodriguez down and show him this, because this is how you do it.  Maybe if he watched this, he would stop making those lame Machete movies, or at least make them better going forward.  One thing that makes this work as well as it does is the fact that this is only a 30-minute short.  This was actually just a happy accident; this was funded by Kickstarter, and while it hit its short $200,000 goal, it fell short of its feature $1 million goal.  I really don’t think I could have handled 90 minutes of this; if this were any longer, it would seriously melt your brain with an overload of excess, and by keeping it short, it never at any point overstays its welcome.

triceracop-jpgThis is a situation where reading about this only does so much, you should really just go watch it.

This is the kind of short that you show to friends at parties.  You can have it on in the background, and I promise you that people will become entranced by it, it is just that insane.  The low budget combined with the worn VHS copy effect work perfectly in tandem together, and it’s a better alternative to watching the majority of the trashy B-films of the 80’s.  You could argue that this is stupid, and it would be difficult to make a case against you, but you should be able to tell right out of the gates if this is for you or not.  This doesn’t disappoint, and I am very confident that I will watch this multiple times throughout this year.

Kung Fury (2015) ****

– Critic for Hire


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