100 Minutes of Prison Rape Jokes – Get Hard (2015)

You can find a better comedy.  So this is about a successful businessman (Will Ferrell) who gets busted by the feds for fraud and sentenced to hard time in prison.  He has 30 days to get his affairs in order, and being that he is a man of racially offensive tendencies, he assumes that the African-American male that washes his car (Kevin Hart) is a former criminal, and he enlists him to prepare him for his 10-year sentence.  On paper, I am not opposed to this movie.  Every so often, Will Ferrell will showcase his acting abilities by doing a Stranger Than Fiction, or an Everything Must Go.  Sometimes he will even have something so over-the-top that it resonates with the fans to the point of it becoming an instant classic, like Anchorman.  Kevin Hart is a hot item right now, and he is really getting a chance to reach audiences with his natural charisma.  He has the ability to make mediocre movies better than they have any right to be, like The Wedding Ringer.  With the two of them teaming up, the potential is there for something outrageously funny, but what they came up with is kind of offensive and mostly homophobic.

gethard1With a whole lot of tomfoolery, which is to be expected.

These are both capable comedic actors, but the problem isn’t with them, the problem is with the material.  I am not exaggerating in this review title: this film is 100 minutes of prison rape jokes, and it rubbed me the wrong way.  Sure, I suppose prison rape jokes are just a hair above regular rape jokes in the acceptability department, but it still comes off as being derogatory and inappropriate.  You don’t get a pass just because it’s a movie, and while I am not necessarily the most politically correct person out there, that hardly means that I want to see an entire movie consisting of the same joke over and over again.

gethard2I don’t want to watch a film that’s comprised entirely of Holocaust jokes, either.

This really isn’t anybody’s strongest effort.  There was infrequently something that made me laugh, and it was usually something that was completely arbitrary that caught me off-guard.  That said, I felt pretty bad for laughing at it, given the subject matter at hand.  If this is your kind of humor and ends up being a favorite of yours, there is a very good chance I don’t want to be friends with you, as it really is in that poor of taste.

Get Hard (2015) *1/2

– Critic for Hire


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