Talking Raptors – Jurassic Park III (2001)

Trying something different.  So Dr. Grant (Sam Neill) has moved on since the events that occurred on Isla Nublar, and has vowed to never return, given that he’s having PTSD flashbacks and all.  Little does he know that two parents (William H. Macy, Téa Leoni) have a ruse in store for him, as they will stop at nothing to recover their lost son who was last seen near the island.  Is there anybody out there that doesn’t love dinosaurs, or at the very least think they are cool?  They are such awe-inspiring creatures that are so proportionately large, it boggles the mind to picture them roaming the Earth.  Jurassic Park III adds even more dinos to the mix, boasting beasts that put the T-Rex to shame.

engineeredHow is Jurassic World going to one up the Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived?  By making a new one up through engineering.

This was the final preparation I had to make to ready myself for the Jurassic World release, having just received my first exposure to the second film, and having watched the original for the umpteenth time.  Jurassic Park III is not as good as the first one, but I think that goes without saying; if you were expecting something as great as the groundbreaking original, you’re just being foolish.  I do think this is right on par with the second, though.  The Lost World has a better craft to it, and it is understandable why that is the case; it’s still Steven Spielberg, who obviously has a leg up on technique and knowhow.  However, its biggest shortcoming was the story itself, as it tries so hard to ape the first one.  Where I appreciate Jurassic Park III is that it has the gall to try something different, and this installment pretty much can stand on its own.  There is much more comedy involved, which may turn some people off, but I welcomed it.

soarDino-Soar…  ::rimshot::  It’s the Dino Comedy Variety Hour!

One thing I do also give the film credit for is that it feels like there is a dinosaur around every corner, and with new breeds that we’ve never seen before, it does add tension.  It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, though, and the writing is probably the sloppiest of the series; everybody knows what they are getting into, so there’s really not that A-grade level of effort placed forth.  Even though that does fall short, it wins you back with how abbreviated it is; it is the shortest film in the series by over 30 minutes, so it’s already wrapping up before you have the opportunity to truly start to criticize it.  I can give it a fun low recommendation if you can approach it with tethered expectations.

Jurassic Park III (2001) ***/12

– Critic for Hire


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