Trying to Recreate that Jacuzzi Magic – Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015)

I’m not sure who was asking for this.  So naturally, after travelling to the past, the guys have totally exploited their knowledge of the future for their own personal benefit.  When Lou (Rob Corddry) is fatally wounded in his mansion one night, they have to travel through time once again to try and stop his assailant.  I am actually a defender of this movie’s predecessor; sure, it leans on the ridiculous side of comedies, and it is a brazen move to come up with your title before you even start writing your script, but for what it’s worth, they made an enjoyable project.  Will it stand the test of time?  Probably not; I’ve already forgotten the majority of the movie from the five years that have passed.  I only really remember the premise and the recurring joke regarding how Crispin Glover would end up losing his arm (which was actually pretty hilarious).  While the first one did work as a one off, the sequel feels forced, and it really feels like the only reason they made it was because everybody was free for a few weeks, minus John Cusack.

chevyYou could dig up Chevy Chase, destroyer of comedy shows, but not Cusack?

I would have never guessed how much of a problem not having Cusack would be, and the movie really suffers for it.  If you look back at the first movie, it is very clear that he is the straight man and the voice of reason amongst chaotic characters.  You take him out, and you have nothing but funny men trying to outfunny each other, and it starts to wear on your nerves.  I suppose it was the intention of adding Adam Scott to replace the straight man, but he doesn’t quite bring that to the table, and he just adds to the biggest problem of the film: it’s just too many loud characters.  This really needs a straight man to at least keep a toe dipped in the pool of reality, and without it, there’s nothing to stop this comedy train from running off the rails.

hot tubAlthough to give credit where credit is due, the improvised song they come up with is pretty funny.

This is a series of loosely related jokes that is comprised mostly of these guys insulting each other.  I did get consistent laughs from it every 10 – 15 minutes, but it’s really not enough to save it.  I appreciate the preposterous time travel logic that they have and that they are bold enough to attempt to explain the slapdash science behind it, but there’s really not enough effort placed to be truly worthy of your time.  If you were a giant fan of the first one, sure, check it out, but everybody else can pretty much steer clear.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015) **1/2

– Critic for Hire

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