More Indie Tom Hardy – The Drop (2014)

A decent crime flick.  So this is about a bartender (Tom Hardy) who works at a neighborhood bar in Brooklyn.  It is affiliated with Chechen mobsters, and they use the establishment to pick up “drops” of money tied to illicit activities.  He is soon in the middle of a robbery gone wrong, and it isn’t long before he finds it difficult to keep his head above water.  Between this and Locke, it’s been a pretty good year for Tom Hardy; he has always been a chameleon of an actor, and with this, you can clearly see that he can immerse himself into a character flawlessly without slipping into his British accent at all.  I have no doubt in my mind that he must be an actor that directors love to work with, because he is going to elevate your project that much more.

hardyIf you didn’t know better, you may not guess that all of these drastically different roles were played by the same person.

I went into this movie pretty cold, and I really did enjoy this for the most part.  However, given that I was in what I have dubbed my “end-of-the-year crunch” where I was watching a large number of movies in a very finite amount of time, I’ve since had over a full month to dwell on this.  I wouldn’t go so far to say that this depreciated a lot, but I haven’t retained much from it.  The one thing that really left an impression was an initial character introduction; what a great way for two random strangers to meet, saving a dog in a garbage can from freezing during a cold night.  That’s really the only big specific I took away.  I thought the supporting cast was all well and good (including Gandolfini in his final role), the males do a nice job at portraying dangerous, and it always feels like something bad is just around the corner.

dropI couldn’t do a life of crime, I’ve seen too many movies to know that even the most foolproof capers goes wrong 98% of the time unless George Clooney is running things.

This film gets by a lot on scene setup; every introduction to the next chapter in the story does a good job at pulling you in.  It does reach a drag point toward the end of the second act, and I don’t know if I was just in an antsy mood, but I had difficulty making a connection with this movie.  This is another precautionary tale about the best laid plans when it comes to planning a crime, and while it is totally watchable, it is unfortunately not wholly memorable.

The Drop (2014) ***

– Critic for Hire


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