Can’t Fix Crazy – Fatal Attraction (1987)

1987 is bringing sexy back.  So this is about a family man (Michael Douglas), who has an impromptu one night stand.  When he tries to break it off, he realizes the instability of the woman (Glenn Close), and has to scramble to fix the jeopardy that he has put him and his family in.  I’ve never actually seen this movie up until this point in my life.  I’ve seen a lot of imitators, like 2009’s Obsessed, but I have never seen the original.  I will say that I enjoyed myself watching this, despite this playing a touch on the sleazy side.

fatalJust look at that HAIR.

When describing this film, there’s really not a better choice of words other than “this gets crazy”.  It’s really a cat and mouse game, and you, as an audience member are invested to see how it plays out.  For one thing, you really develop a connection with Douglas’ character; even though he had a break in moral character, he genuinely seems like a decent family man caught in a moment of weakness.  Glenn Close has this psychotic look in her eye that you occasionally catch, and because you know the extent of how unstable she is, you’re kept in suspense, waiting for that other shoe to drop.  She has a full blown case of the crazies that you can see from the get go, but you know Douglas’ character is missing it, so you have a reaction that is comparable to watching a horror movie: yelling at the screen for the character to get out of the room.

huge mistakeEven Gob would agree, this man has made a huge mistake.

Fatal Attraction is a wild ride that holds your attention and entertains, but it is not without its flaws.  For one, and maybe this is just how styles have changed these days, but I found his wife (Anne Archer) to be far more attractive than Close’s character.  Close’s face just has such extreme features, and maybe I’m just not a fan of the Flashdance perm, but I just didn’t see it.  In addition, it really doesn’t help that the only motive presented for this man to stray from his family life is that he got cockblocked by his child literally one night.  Throughout, this has this trashy vibe at ever turn, and the story plays out in a way that wouldn’t be uncommon to see to a soap opera.  Regardless, it knows how to amplify exactly what the audience wants to see, and it’s worthwhile for what it is.

Fatal Attraction (1987) ***1/2

– Critic for Hire


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