Shooting Down Puppet Master

And with that I have completed the Erik Anderson Puppet Master Challenge. There’s no embarrassing video footage of this, but all the evidence you need can be found below. I nominate no one, because I don’t want to make anybody feel emasculated. But I do want to leave you with the following, because I get way too much enjoyment out of ranking/rating movies:

Shooting Down Puppet Master:

Puppet Master III: Toulon’s Revenge ***
Puppetmaster **1/2
Curse of the Puppet Master **
Puppet Master II **
Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter **
Puppet Master X: Axis Rising **
Puppet Master 4 *1/2
Puppet Master: Axis of Evil *1/2
Puppet Master: The Legacy *1/2
Retro Puppet Master *

– Critic for Hire


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